Diaita Juice on the go

At Diaita, we mechanically press our 100% raw organic fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting them with blades and spinning them around. Our process retains all of the ingredients’ nutritional value and produces an intense, vibrant flavor.

Diaita Juices

We believe in using only 100% raw, organic fruit and vegetables, and will never compromise on that belief. We’re committed to giving you only the freshest, most delicious raw juice, nothing more and nothing less.

Diaita’s vegan café is always expanding to include inspired & satisfying food options. Whether you’re stopping in for a light bite or a full meal- we’ve got you covered! Customers rave about our cashew nut butter toast, porkless pulled pork sandwich, and chocolate peanut butter bowl. We believe in food as medicine at Diaita which means that all of our offerings are created with your health in mind. Our approach to cooking is simple: use only fresh, organic ingredients to create foods with cravable flavor that give you the nutrition you need to feel your best!

Diaita is committed to serving only the best to our customers. Our smoothies are crafted from 100% organic fruits, veggies, and fruit juice. We never use ice or other cheap fillers and we think you’ll agree that our commitment to only using quality ingredients makes our smoothies especially delicious!