When I l first tasted cold-pressed juice in 2012, I thought it was the best juice I had ever tried. I had to know more. In my travels, I learned as much as I could about juicing and tasting many different recipes. I was hooked! When I returned home, I was disappointed when I couldn’t find cold-pressed juice here at home. So, I decided to bring it to Canton myself. One day as I was reading about healthy lifestyles, I came across the word “Diaita” and the name stuck.

Some people may think I’m dreaming too big, but I want Diaita to be a concept that everyone can embrace. When you think of the choices you make regarding your health as a “diaita,” or a “way of life,” you truly grasp the power and potential in the name. Juice is just one part of attaining and maintaining optimal health. We want to help you find your “diaita.”

We believe in the process of cold-pressing only 100% organic fruit and vegetables and will never compromise on that belief. We’re committed to giving you only the freshest, most delicious raw juice, nothing more and nothing less.

Thank you for trying Diaita! Enjoy our juices, and find your “diaita.”

Eddie Mealy


Diaitia Cold-Pressed Juice


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