Cold-pressed juice is, simply, juice that’s been extracted using pressure, instead of spinning blades. This method produces the freshest, healthiest juice available.

Why is it called ‘cold’ pressing?

The term cold-pressing refers to the fact that no heat is introduced in the the juicing process. Conventional methods of juicing allow heat and oxygen to disrupt the process, destroying many beneficial nutrients in the process. Cold-pressing preserves all of the original nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables you’re drinking.

Cold-Pressing Explained In Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Organic, raw produce is cut into small pieces and then placed into a grinder, which reduces the fruit and vegetables to a pulp.

Step 2

The pulp goes into the press, which applies 8,800+ lbs of pressure to extract the juice and leave the pulp behind.

Step 3

The fresh juice is stored in bottles, marked with a date for freshness, and refrigerated immediately.