Diaita was born with one goal in mind: to make the healthiest, purest, best-tasting cold-pressed juice we possibly can. It’s a lofty goal. but it’s something we try to accomplish every day. When you aspire to be the best, there are no shortcuts. We take pride in the steps we take to ensure your satisfaction.

Here’s what makes our juice great:

Organic, Raw, and Fresh

We use only the freshest organic produce because we believe it’s the best we can get, and therefore the best we can give to you.

Always Cold-Pressed

Cold-pressed juice is the healthiest, freshest, most delicious juice we can make. It’s not your ordinary juice. Click here to learn more.

No Additives, No GMO’s

When nature provides perfect ingredients, why change them? We don’t add anything to our juices, and we don’t use genetically modified ingredients.

Handmade In Small Batches

We press all of our juice right here, by hand, every day.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, and we work hard to make every bottle great.

Locally Sourced

We use local sources for as much of our produce as we can. The faster that carrot can get into our press, the fresher your juice will be.

Simply Delicious

Cold-pressing gives our juices an unbelievably fresh, vibrant flavor. We blend the freshest ingredients to bring you a taste experience like no other.